Chủ Nhật, 21 tháng 1, 2007

I miss you, my friends

Did anyone ever tell you,
just how special you are?
That your smile is brighter
than all the stars.

Did anyone ever tell you
how you make others feel?
How you give them a friendship
that hardly seems real.

Did anyone ever tell you
many times, when they were sad
your e-mail made them smile a bit
in fact it made, them glad?

For the time you spend sending things,
and sharing what you find,
you make me so happy,
you're a true friend of mine.

Did anyone ever tell you
how much it means when they're blue,
that the only thing that comforts them
is the friend they find in you.

I believe that without a friend you are
missing out on a very important part of life...

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