Thứ Sáu, 12 tháng 1, 2007

Friendship is .....

What does Friendship mean according to you ?

"Friends are the roses of life: pick them carefully and avoid the thorns."
- Sent by Erin

“Best Friends Listen to what you dont say”
- **Samantha Norman**

"People never know how special someone is until they leave, but maybe sometimes its important to leave, so they are given that chance to see how special that someone really is!"
- Sent by Ali Nitka

"Friends never make assumptions about you. They never expect a reason to go out with you. In fact friends only expect you to be you!"
Sent in by-Chandru Sockalingam

"I would rather you hate me for who I am than love me for who I'm not"
-Sent in by ~*Liz S*~

"Friends let you know that you are not alone on the road of life."
-Sent in by Leslie

“Tell me what are your friends like I’ll tell you what you are”

“Thing is look black if it is near the ink
Thing is look bright if it is near the light”
-Vietnamese Proverbs


Dear my friends, please continue.....

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