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Thứ Bảy, 10 tháng 3, 2007

Entry for March 10, 2007

When I was just a little boy, I asked my mother " what will I be? Will I be handsome, will I be rich?" She said gently to me :" What will be will be,......... the future is not our to see. What will be will be!"

These lovely song is seem right with me now when my young sister asked me: " How I can do if the friendship turn into love?" May be I shall answer her the same : " What will be will be!"


I would hate to say it,
but our friendship just can't last.
The wonderful times we shared together,
have faded to the past.

I told you it would happen,
that our friendship was bound to end.
Although I know you care,
I cannot consider you as a friend.

Please don't try to argue,
just try to understand.
That time can change people,
as the tide can change the sand.

Our friendship has been lovely,
but you see it has an end.
For now I fell in a different way,
I've fallen in love with you my friend.

© 1996, Kyra

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