Chủ Nhật, 20 tháng 5, 2007

Sunrise on the beach

May be most of you have enjoyed nice times in summer holidays, but how many times you've watched sunrise or sunset on the beach?

Long long ago, people believe that it will be lucky for the persons who can see the last sunny light come down or the first sunny light go up on the beach! They are really breathtaking times. And it happens in one or two seconds only.

Whenever on the beach, I have tried to get up early in order to grasp this moment. Unfortunately, I haven't successed yet! But instead, the nature generously favours me wonderful time with fresh air, lovely beach, beautiful flowers, lightly wind, quiet and peaceful atmosphere.... At that time, all of my worries and tiredness seem tobe dissapeared , I felt very happy to start a new day.

Hopping I will catch the sunrise in the next time.

Happy weekend to all my friends with all my love!

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